Textile Design & Weaving for Fashion

Teacher: Gary Osborne, fashion design

School: High School of Art & Design

Project Goal(s): Senior fashion students will weave a textile in order to construct a simple garment for the Spring Fashion Show and to understand the evolution of weaving textiles for garments in history.

Description of Activities

Through a 6 week residency with Textile Arts Center, the students analyzed different fibers, studied the process of how a textile is produced, created a concept and design, and finally produced a textile through tapestry weaving and on a backstrap loom in the classroom. They also had the opportunity to visit the 3200 sq ft Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn with state of the art equipment and resource library. Two visiting professionals, a print textile artist and a weaving artist for NYC, came to speak to the students.

Arts Partner(s)

Joey Casey, Youth Programs Instructor at Textile Arts Center