Global History and the Graphic Novel

Teacher: Steven Seltz, global history

School: Urban Assembly School of Law & Justice

Project Goal(s): To engage students in historical thinking on the cultural and political history of Iran through critical reading of Persepolis (Marjane Satrapi) and creating their own original graphic novels

Description of Activities

Class spent seven sessions doing a close reading of Persepolis and learning comic/graphic novel techniques. Students selected a particular historical event in Iranian history to focus on and conducted research to understand the causes and effects of the event. Students then developed their own characters and storyline that would illustrate how the historical events were processed and contextualized, and they created original graphic novels. The project culminated with a classwide presentation of final projects.

ETA funds were used for art supplies and teaching artist fees.

Arts Partner(s)

Chris Fillhart (a freelance artist who has since moved to Pittsburgh)