Urban Assembly School for Applied Math & Science

Urban Assembly School for Applied Math & Science

School Description

Applied Math and Science (AMS) strives to prepare all of our students to become compassionate, critical thinkers capable of successful pursuits after high school. We expect that our graduates will be well-prepared for college study and that they will be equipped with the skills to make solid career choices. From individual and group explorations into math and science-based projects to dynamic internships, our school will be simultaneously compelling, rigorous, supportive, and fun.

Arts Leadership Team

David Krulwich, principal- dkrulwich@amsbronx.org

Rasaan Oglivie, assistant principal- rogilvie@amsbronx.org

Ingrid Chung, assistant principal- ichung@amsbronx.org

Eric Azcuy, art teacher- eazcuy@amsbronx.org


Goal One: To create one sequence of classes for students to select from in the visual/fine arts in ninth grade, which will conclude with students producing portfolio pieces by the time they graduate. 


Goal One: UAAMS works with Wingspan Arts to develop new course offerings in the visual arts curriculum that will create a four year visual arts sequence.


Goal One: Wingspan Arts will be conducting all residencies and professional development.


Goal One: The UAAMS Visual Arts Department will have a full sequence of classes that are vertically aligned from course to course and year to year. This sequence will achieve specific benchmarks as outlined by the state commencement arts standards and our own four year arts sequence and conclude with students producing portfolio pieces of Commencement level quality by the time they graduate. 

Four-Year Plan 2016-2020.