Urban Assembly Media High School

Urban Assembly Media High School

School Description

"Founded in 2004, The Urban Assembly Media High School is a small college preparatory high school that uses media as a way of engaging students and making their learning relevant to their lives. Through their interdisciplinary coursework and media studies, students develop self-reflective practices and analytical skills necessary for future success in college and beyond."

Contact Information

Website: urbanassembly.org/schools/the-urban-assembly-media-high-school

Principal: Cordelia Veve- cveve@schools.nyc.gov

Additional ETA Contact: Paulo Fonseca Jr., art teacher- paulo.uamedia@gmail.com

Four-Year Plan Goals

Goal One: To develop a four-year scope and sequence in 2D Art that culminates in a new Advanced Placement course offering


Goal One: The school starts with shoring up the existing introductory level course and builds out the more advanced-level curriculum from there. This is an art department of one teacher, so it is critical to support the art teacher with ample time to plan and document new units and support connections to guest artists/co-teachers who could bring new areas of expertise to the class. The program institutes regular portfolio preparation and critiques to help students build towards a comfort with and readiness for the AP culmination. ETA also invests in the equipment and supplies required to build the program.


Goal One: Studio in a School was an early partner in the work, working with the art teacher to develop in-class residencies focusing on media and techniques that were outside of his own expertise and that a well-rounded curriculum requires. Lead PD providers for the art teacher were the Art Students League.


Goal One: The new 2D art sequence will be institutionalized at the school through well documented curricula; an adjusted program to better support students as they develop their portfolio pieces; and a more fully developed school culture around the arts that encourages students to get involved in the art program, publicly showcase their work, and support their peers.

"The funding, support, and opportunities the ETA partnership afforded me to grow as an educator, and for UAM to develop its infrastructure has resulted in a program that offers a diverse range of units that exposes students to traditional and new art making media, and both art historical and contemporary resources and ideas. By working with consultants and visiting artists, my understanding of pedagogy and art making techniques have grown, resulting in a more robust experience for our students. Our school culture has transformed into one where student artwork is celebrated and has become a point of pride and confidence for participating students. Students publicly display their works and as a result dialogue more frequently about process and conceptual concerns. 

Four-Year Plan 2012-2016.