Santee Education Complex



Principal, Susanna Guiterrez


Goal One: To refine film program to include new courses in film sequence

Goal Two: To refine music program to include music tech.


Goal One: The film program teacher will partner with Cal Arts to work with a teaching artist to refine the curriculum.

Goal Two: The music teacher will work with teaching artists from Young Producer's Group as residencies.


Goal One: California Institute of the Arts

Goal Two: Young Producer's Group


Goal Two: Our current music program contains Guitar and Band classes—the addition of Music Technology Classes that teach students to compose and produce electronic music will provide them an additional form of expression using a diverse amount of musical styles.  Students develop creativity and collaboration in a way more relevant to their current lives while also utilizing modern instruments and technologies typical to the professional workspace.   After partnering with YPG for professional and curriculum development, Santee will offer Music Technology courses that teach students how to compose and produce electronic using equipment and technology currently used in the professional music industry.  Students will learn the fundament techniques needed to pursue music production at a higher level, such as college or career.  

Four-Year Plan 2017-2021.