Susan Miller Dorsey High School

Susan Miller Dorsey High School

School Description

"The mission of Dorsey High School is to be the cornerstone of success in the community, providing a quality education that will empower students to compete and succeed in their post-secondary endeavor. To achieve this, Dorsey utilizes the Three R Concept—Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships. This concept guides Dorsey’s work for optimizing student outcomes. Rigor is achieved through rigorous common core curriculum, the Teaching and Learning Framework, and Master Plan to promote critical thinking and high quality teaching and learning that meets the needs of all learners. Relevance is accomplished by making learning culturally relevant to students and through real world, hands-on project-based learning experiences. Relationships are attained through Career Academies that are personalized to ensure that students, faculty, and administration are structured in smaller career theme-based learning environments to promote students’ academic success, personal growth, and college-career preparation."

Contact Information


Principal: Reginald Sample-

Additional ETA Contact: Elizabeth Orue-Roses-

Four-Year Plan Goals

Goal One: To develop a sustainable theatre arts pathway with a three-year theatre production sequence supported by theatre integration into academic classes.  


Goal One: Dorsey is working closely with a Theatre Organization to provide teaching artists to the music classroom. The teaching artists are working with the music teacher on its first Musical Theatre Production. Each year, they will add layers of academic integration as other teachers become interested in participating.


Goal One: Theatre of Hearts sends a teaching artist to the Vocal Music Class who asssists with teaching students culturally relevant dance, music and drama.

Sustainability Plan

Goal One: Dorsey will add new theatre arts classes each year with an established sequence by the end of Year Four. The first was added in the first year of the partnership: Musical Theatre production. This class is a result of teaching artists working with other arts partners in collaboration with the music teacher. The courses will have gained UCCI/LAUSD approval so that they will be available to other theatre arts schools. They will have developed strong community partnerships to continue the work. Pathway enrollment will have increased sufficiently to add a line item to the school budget to hire at the least a part-time theatre arts teacher.

Four-Year plan will be completed in Spring of 2019.