George Washington Preparatory High School

George Washington Preparatory High School


School Description

"Washington Preparatory High School, an urban four-year comprehensive high school, is committed to providing a quality education enabling each member of the diverse student body to strive for excellence to fulfill and reach his/her full potential."

"Our mission is to ensure that each student, upon graduation, will possess the academic and social skills needed to think critically, function in a diverse society, and participate as informed responsible citizens prepared for leadership in their community, the world, and all areas of life."

Contact Information


Principal: Dechele Byrd-

Additional ETA Contact: John Brandon-

Four-Year Plan Goals

Goal One: To bolster the existing instrumental music program so that it can become more comprehensive and self-sufficient. 


Goal One: The Music teacher at this school is the lead on the Four-Year Plan since it is only his program that is impacted in Year One. They are currently revising their Four-Year Plan to include theatre arts. The music program is relying heavily on sectional coaching and the purchase of new equipment in Year One. In subsequent years, they would like to produce musical theatre in collaboration with the new theatre teacher as well as include more field trips for students to explore live music presentations.

Arts Partnerships

Goal One: Harmony Project is providing instrumental coaching.

Sustainability Plan

Goal One: The sustainability of this school's Four-Year Plan is embedded in teacher knowledge and training as well as the investment that ETA has made in Adobe software.