Frank Sinatra School of the Arts

Frank Sinatra School of the Arts

School Description

Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (FSSA) was founded in 2001 by Tony Bennett and his wife, Susan Benedetto, in partnership with the NYC Department of Education.  Exploring the Arts has been an important part of the school's growth since its inception.  Students audition for one of six studio majors.  FSSA offers the opportunity for all students to achieve their fullest academic and artistic potential. This is accomplished through a rigorous educational program, which includes a challenging academic program, pre-conservatory studio work, experiences with cultural institutions, and intensive participation in community service. At Mr. Bennett’s encouragement, students are offered the opportunity to gain real world experience in the arts through real-world experiences, such as apprenticeships, field trips and access to master artists. Graduates will be prepared for both the finest conservatories and the best universities in the country. The school's graduation rate has been one of the highest in the city and its graduates have gone on to rigorous, highly selective conservatories, art programs and competitive colleges and universities. 

Contact Information


Principal: Donna Finn-

Additional ETA Contact: Gideon Rafel-Frankel, Assistant