Literature and Theatre: Shakespeare

Teacher: Chad Frade, ELA

School: Urban Assembly School of Design & Construction

Project Goal(s): Students reinterpret, update (if necessary), and transform the ideas of a Shakespeare play into an interactive and immersive dramatic production in the school hallways.

Description of Activities

Students will read, act out, interpret and discuss the year's Shakespeare play, thinking throughout the unit about what will be significant to represent in a shortened, adapted version performed for their peers. As they finish the reading, students will identify the big ideas and make decisions about how to stage the key scenes in different areas of the school. They will use the last three weeks to do production design, costuming and lighting (using existing materials at the school) before staging interactive performances.

ETA funds were used for cardboard, costumes and props.



"Students were engaged and excited about Shakespeare because of the resources that ETA poured into our project. It made the learning of this Old English play more accessible and understandable to students who have struggled with this material. Additionally, the community got to see the hard work and artistry of my junior class and it made them excited for future projects that may occur when they become my students."

Additional Documents:

Titus: Scenes, Lines and Set Up

Titus: Prompt