ETA Arts Access Grant

DEADLINE: September 24, 2018

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Grant Description:

Exploring the Arts (ETA) invites arts and academic teachers from ETA Partner Schools to apply for Arts Access Grants to support the arts in their classrooms in the 2018-19 school year.

Proposals may fall within two Proposal Types:

a) Basic Need- a proposal that addresses a need that is fundamental to the successful execution of your curriculum


-I need new keyboards to replace the broken ones for my piano lab class.

-I need a subscription to in order to learn Photoshop for a new graphic design class that I have been tasked with teaching.

b) Special Idea- a new project or initiative in your class that will increase student learning and/or engagement.


-I want to engage a teaching artist to teach an acting residency in order to help students engage more deeply with Shakespearean text in my English class.

-I would like to introduce millinery design and construction into my fashion design class.

For examples of work ETA has funded in the past, or to workshop your idea, please see the ETA Partner School Network website Project Ideas page or contact an ETA staff person.


  • There is only one grant cycle per school year
  • You may submit multiple proposals, but no teacher can receive funding for more than one project per cycle. (Co-authors only approved in one grant per funding cycle.)
  • Grants will not exceed $2,000
  • Grant amount is determined by the proposed budget and ETA’s available funds. We may award partial funding.

Grants MAY be used for:

  • Field trips 
  • Services provided by arts institutions and professional artists
  • Arts supplies, materials and equipment
  • Professional development courses
  •  Academic teachers may request arts supplies and equipment only (i.e. paint, Photoshop); ETA will not purchase academic supplies (i.e. compasses, beakers)

Grants MAY NOT be used for:

·      Activities that happen after school, during lunchtime or after Wednesday, June 5, 2019 

·      Travel, food or lodging expenses for teachers, guest artists or students

Award selection:

Not all applicants will receive funding. Applicants will be chosen to receive a grant award based on the availability of funds and the following criteria related to the Proposal Type.

For Basic Need Proposals:

How well the proposal articulates a fundamental need in the curriculum and/or student experience, and the extent to which a compelling case is made for how funding can help address that need

For Special Idea Proposals:

How well the proposal articulates a direct connection to your existing curriculum and/or a relevant student experience and the quality and clarity of the proposed ideas. For projects that integrate the arts with an academic subject, successful proposals will articulate clear processes and outcomes for student learning in the arts as well as in the academic subjects.

Application Process & Timeline:

1.     Teachers will submit their applications to ETA via Submittable by Monday, September 24 at 5:00pm.

2.     ETA will review and make award decisions within two weeks. 

3.     Awarded teachers will then have until Friday, November 16 at 5:00pm to work with ETA to expand their abstracts into complete plans and budgets for final approval. Once approved, teachers may start requesting purchases and payments from the grant.

4.     Approved plans must be executed during the 2018-19 School Year. Funded activities must conclude by Wednesday, June 5 at 5:00pm. Awarded teachers are required to complete a feedback questionnaire following the completion of their funded work. ETA will also set up a time to visit one of your classes to observe.