Lower Manhattan Arts Academy

Lower Manhattan Arts Academy

School Description

The Lower Manhattan Arts Academy (LoMA) is a small, supportive, multicultural school where the focus is on academic excellence through the arts. Every aspect of LoMA’s design, structure and practice supports its students’ intellectual, emotional and cultural development with the ultimate goal of seeing that he or she gets into and succeeds in a four-year college. As an arts school, the visual and performing arts are integral to every student’s day in three ways. First, students will have opportunities to work with visual and performing artists during academic classes to create high quality, standards-based performances of learning. Secondly, each student also has the opportunity to specialize in a particular art - visual, choral, instrumental, dance or drama. Finally, LoMA has partnerships with many Lower East Side arts organizations so that every student takes part in an extended day program at least twice a week. This integration of the arts into every student’s day will help to build our students’ cultural, social and academic capital so that they will become successful, thoughtful, contributing members of their communities.

Arts Leadership Team

John Wenk, principal

Yetta Garfield