Talent Unlimited High School

Talent Unlimited High School


School Description

"Talent Unlimited High School is a small New York City performing arts public school with students from all five boroughs. Admission is by audition and review of academic records. TUHS is widely recognized for its successful cultivation of an artistic, academically-proficient community of college-ready citizen-artists dedicated to lifelong learning and creative collaboration."

"TUHS offers an arts integration curriculum aimed at preparing its students to achieve both artistic and academic excellence. Students are accepted to one of five arts majors: Dance, Drama, Instrumental Music, Musical Theatre or Vocal Music. They also participate in a challenging college preparatory academic program that includes Regents and Advanced Regent diplomas, Advanced Placement classes and College Now courses."

Contact Information

Website: www.tuhsnyc.com

Principal: Linda Hamil- lhamil2@schools.nyc.gov

Four-Year Plan Goals

Goal One: To design and implement a 4-year Musical Theatre curriculum and program schedule.


Goal One: At the start of the plan, Talent Unlimited had identified a strong teaching artist who could build the program as the founding teacher and develop the curriculum. ETA's funding contributed to this artist's pay. The plan built in a transition plan for the school to hire a licensed DOE teacher before Year 4 so that the final year could be spent supporting the new teacher's pedagogical gaps and needs. 

Arts Partnerships

Goal One: Stephen Agosto was the master teaching artist who developed the new musical theatre curriculum and taught new classes as they rolled out.

Sustainability Plan

Goal One: Before the end of the four years TU had already hired a licensed musical theatre teacher to take the place of the initial teaching artist. With the curriculum already documented and in practice, this hiring was the other main pillar to ensuring the institutionalization of the new musical theatre program. Finally, the partnerships and relationships that have been cultivated throughout the four years are robust and will have a continued life of their own after the Four-Year Plan.