Humanitas Academy of Art & Technology

Humanitas Academy of Art & Technology


School Description

"HAAT, part of the first new high school complex built in East LA in 80 years, is a Title One school serving students from low-income and minority backgrounds. HAAT uses an arts-based, Humanitas instructional model that offers students the opportunity to participate in challenging, interdisciplinary learning experiences organized around relevant themes. Humanitas empowers students through project-based learning that encourages critical thinking, writing and verbal skills, using art media as inspiration and focus."

Contact Information


Principal: Deborah Lowe-

Additional ETA Contact: Jessica Wadle-

Four-Year Plan Goals

Goal One: To increase students' capacity to create, showcase, exhibit and share their visual artworks through digital and other exhibition means


Goal One: The school has made a tremendous effort in creating a school wide need and to exhibit and share their work through all of the art classes. Students have been involved in every aspect of planning, designing and installing their "gallery". They use math skills, design skills and research skills to decide what to purchase and where to place lights, framed boxes and other exhibition hardware. Additionally, the students are creating "exhibit" quality artwork in their classrooms with their teachers by going through critiques and other best practices of the Art Studio classroom. ETA has supported professional development for instruction and technical support, equipment purchases to allow for the digitization process as well as the yearly subscription fee to the online digital platform for the portfolios.

Arts Partnerships

Goal Two: Digication is assisting with the creation of an online digital portfolio for students.

Sustainability Plan

Goal One: The school has made the gallery a permanent fixture and the yearly subscription fee will be able to be absorbed by the school. The professional development and equipment purchases will allow for the process to continue.