High School of Art & Design

High School of Art & Design


School Description

"For nearly eighty years, Art and Design High School has nurtured talented students to become accomplished professionals through its extensive art programs. Our state of the art facility enables students to excel in all digital media including animation, graphic
design, digital photography, and film/video production and editing. Located in the heart of New York City's design center, we are a committed CTE high school. All licensed art teachers are professional artists and our industry partners collaborate to ensure that students are introduced to and taught required software programs for their field of study. Art and Design High School has a community of scholars dedicated to fostering the creative and academic talents of each of our students. We are nationally known for our design programs in architecture, fashion design, graphic design, illustration, digital photography, cartooning, animation, and film/video technology." 

Contact Information

Website: www.artanddesignhs.com

Principal: Manuel Urena

Additional ETA Contact: Elma Reingold, Assistant Principal of the Arts- ereingo@schools.nyc.gov

Four-Year Plan Goals

Goal One: To develop a program that would introduce and familiarize the students and teachers at the High School of Art and Design with the contemporary art scene.

Goal Two: To ensure all students are proficient in the most up to date computer-based arts software programs used in industry today.


Goal one: Recognizing that many HSAD students were graduating with incredible technical proficiency in their art forms, but at times lacked the more conceptual aspect to their artistic expression, the school engaged in a four year partnership with Abrons Arts Center that provided a series of professional development sessions, in-class residencies and museum visits that focused on a different contemporary art topic each year.  Starting in Year Three, the school placed an added focus on arts integration incorporating  and in-class residencies and professional development sessions for the teachers of two English classes a year.

Goal Two: In order to ensure that students were receiving instruction in the most up-to-date computer software, ETA paid for professional development for teachers at first from several vendors. By Year three, the school moved to purchasing a year long subscription to lynda.com for all arts teachers to take the lessons on their own time.

Arts Partnerships

Goal One: HSAD engaged in a four-year long partnership with Abrons Arts Center to conduct all work of this goal.

Goal Two: After trying out a few other vendors the school decided that lynda.com had the breadth of training and the flexibility that worked best for them.

Sustainability Plan

Goal One: Most of the art teachers had the opportunity to closely work with a teaching artist over the four year span. The art department teachers are able to share their lesson plans and experiences with their colleagues during their common planning time sessions to ensure that the knowledge is shared and to ensure that all students develop an understanding of conceptual art in all the grades.

Goal Two: HSAD worked with lynda.com to gain access to the full course library for the entire school allowing any teacher to keep up to date on relevant software. Teachers who are more adept at certain software programs will be able to offer training to their colleagues during their collaborative planning periods once the subscriptions have ended.