Brooklyn Institute for Liberal Arts

Brooklyn Institute for Liberal Arts


School Description

"At the Brooklyn Institute for Liberal Arts we educate and nurture each child to develop his or her fullest potential. Our inquiry-based approach to a rigorous, standards-based liberal arts curriculum and our collaborative approach to our learning environment ensure that our students have the academic knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in college and in their future careers. At the Brooklyn Institute for Liberal Arts, we 'Believe, Inquire, Learn and Achieve' together so that our students can fully immerse themselves in 21st century life challenges and successes."

Contact Information


Principal: Ann-Marie Henry-Stephens-

Four-Year Plan Goals

Goal One: To expand the arts program for all students especially those who wish to graduate with an Arts Endorsed diploma. 


Goal One: Each area -- Visual Art and Music -- will develop and introduce one or two new sequential courses per year, starting with shoring up the introductory level course. The teachers for each strand are supported with ample planning time, connections to make inter-visitations to colleagues' classrooms, and identify appropriate PD and guest artists/co-teachers to support the curricular development. ETA is also investing in the equipment and supplies required to support the new units and courses being developed.


Goal One: Individual teaching artists have been plugged into the Year One activities, focusing on Photoshop, vocal arts/songwriting, and percussion. These TAs came through personal connections of the art and music teachers.

Sustainability Plan

Goal One: The strong curricula developed for the sequential programs will be crucial for the ongoing sustainability of this work. Both programs' curricula will be well-documented, and the end products of the classes will be showcased publicly for the school community - including that required for the Arts Exit Exams - developing the school culture around the arts and helping to encourage students to enroll in the courses. The school also intends to hire another arts teacher to further support the program.