Bronx Studio School for Writers & Artists

Bronx Studio School for Writers & Artists


School Description

"Our mission is to provide students of all academic abilities with the intellectual and social tools to lead alert, literacy-rich lives. Our project-based curriculum is designed to prepare students to become globally-minded activists with a sophisticated understanding of the political, cultural, economic and social forces that have shaped their communities and the world around them. Our faculty and partners work tirelessly to ensure that our school is a learning environment open to all students, regardless of academic ability, and that every student is prepared for college and the world beyond. We value academic challenge, social justice, individualization, and high-quality teaching."

Contact Information


Principal: David Vazquez-

Additional ETA Contact: Anna Tabet, Assistant Principal-

Four-Year Plan Goals

Goal One: To design and construct a dynamic, high school dance program “from the ground up” 


Goal One: ETA made investments in the non-consumables required for the program: costumes, shoes, and audio-visual equipment to be used for performances and in-studio documentation. Simultaneously, the dance teacher -- who was new to the system -- was asked to self-assess in which areas she needed pedagogical support, and ETA supported those areas by paying for guest artist residencies that could provide specific technique training and choreography for students as well as model dance-specific classroom management best practices for the teacher.


Goal One: Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater conducted long-term classroom residencies focusing on technique and teaching choreography.

Sustainability Plan

Goal One: Ongoing documentation of curriculum maps and unit plans will be carried into the future for ongoing execution in the dance program. The development of regular dance performances for the school and family community will also help strengthen the culture for dance at the school so that student enrollment in the electives continues to have a strong base.