Port Richmond High School

Port Richmond High School


Port Richmond High School is a progressive, community-based school with a warm and inviting atmosphere for students, parents and staff.  Our school is comprised of small learning communities which provide our students with a personalized learning environment and showcases our students’ diverse interests and abilities.  Our programs include the Gateway Math and Science Honors program, The Collegiate Honors Academy, The Culinary Arts Academy, The TV/Media Arts Academy and the Institute of Business, Hospitality, Entrepreneurship and Technology. Our ninth graders enjoy the family atmosphere fostered in the acclaimed Freshman Academy. All students are eligible to participate in sports teams, extracurricular activities, our music program and our Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. 


Oneatha Swinton, principal-

Suzanne Woodward, assistant principal of music- swoodman@schools.nyc.gov

Francis Scarano, music teacher- fscarano@schools.nyc.gov

Joseph Curran, music teacher- jcurran2@schools.nyc.gov


Goal One: Strengthen the rigor of the Music Department by raising the individual and group level of proficiency in our instrumental music classes, with an eye towards the positive impact this will hopefully have on boosting enrollment in the school.

Goal Two: Build a rigorous, sequential dance program in which students will learn traditional ballet, modern and jazz techniques, but which will also include offerings in cultural dance forms in order to more fully respond to and reflect the school's student community. The school hopes that adding this art form to its course offerings will also support student enrollment efforts.


Goal One: ETA helps the school invest in updated instruments and equipment; technology to record and develop a more complete library of music, teaching, and performances; and professional development for the music teachers so that their teaching is elevated across all instrument sections and proficiency levels.

Goal Two: The school begins by sparking interest with a residency for underclassmen. The school anticipates hiring a part-time dance teacher during Year 2 to then start developing curricula and rolling out a new class in the sequence each subsequent year. ETA supports the new teacher with ongoing PD and inter-visitations as needed, as well as seeding an inventory of costumes and performance materials.


Goal One: Jeff Grogan (conducting), Barry Nudelman (woodwinds), Dan Auerbach (strings), Nylon Wound (guitars) 

Goal Two: Dancewave conducts all professional learning and workshop residencies.


Goal One: The Music Department at Port Richmond High School will offer sequential and rigorous music performance classes and our music students will be retained for their 4 years of high school.

Goal Two: Port Richmond High School will offer a rigorous and comprehensive dance sequence that will include varied techniques and cultural dance forms, and will support student recruitment efforts at local middle schools that also offer dance, strengthening the enrollment pipeline.

Four-Year Plan 2016-2020.