Brooklyn High School for Law & Technology

Brooklyn High School for Law & Technology

School Description

"Brooklyn High School for Law & Technology focuses on providing a rigorous, college preparatory program that produces critical thinkers, both academically and socially.  Law & Tech strongly believes that creating productive adult citizens begins with shaping well-rounded youth.  To this end, the school has developed and continues to develop programs that will increase the success of students during their high school career, throughout college and into the workforce.

Law & Tech’s students will have a choice between three challenging institutes:  Legal Studies, Science and Technology, and AVID-based curriculum. While Law & Tech offers Advanced Placement coursework in the core subject areas of Social Studies, English, Science, and Mathematics, the goal is to develop a full array of AP coursework including vertical pre-AP alignment. Law & Tech has also expanded its dual enrollment option, implementing College Now so that students can pursue and obtain the Associate’s degree while enrolled in high school. Intent on formulating an educational institution that prepares students for a competitive college and employment future, Law & Tech will continue to seek academic programs and community relationships that present students with myriad opportunities for success."

Contact Information


Principal: Vernon Johnson-

Additional ETA Contact: Maria Pascual, art teacher-

Four-Year Plan Goals

Goal One: To create two concurrent sequences of study, one in Digital Arts and one in Digital Video, using annualized courses in both strands.


Goal One: Each strand -- Art and Video -- develops and introduces one or two new sequential courses per year, starting with shoring up the introductory level course. The teachers for each strand are supported with ample planning time, connections to make inter-visitations to colleagues' classrooms, and identify appropriate PD and guest artists/co-teachers to support the curricular development. ETA also invests in the equipment and software required in the digital arts.


Goal One: Pratt Institute was the lead partner for the Digital Art portion of the Goal during Year One, creating a fellowship for an upper level digital art major to work with the high school's art teacher. Together they facilitated classroom projects for the new digital course.


Goal One: A codified, standards-aligned three-year scope and sequence to support students as they build towards the creation of a strong portfolio. 

Four-Year Plan 2015-2019.