Victory Collegiate High School

Victory Collegiate High School

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Principal: Claubentz Diejuste- 

Additional ETA Contact: Kerry-Ann Elliott, Assistant Principal- 

Four-Year Plan Goals

Goal One: To integrate the arts across academics to support students' varied learning styles, intellectual risk taking, and engagement in interdisciplinary thinking.

Goal Two: To revive and equip the campus music room through capital and equipment investments. 


Goal One: The work starts by cultivating buy-in and shared expectations for arts integration via PD for the full faculty. Then, one academic department at a time works closely with guest artists to develop arts-integrated lessons or units through residencies, co-planning and -teaching, and curriculum documentation. The work scales up to a new department each year, with teachers sharing out at regular staff development sessions their progress and challenges along the way.

Goal Two: Scale up year to year the non-consumable investments in the music room to make it a fully equipped, modern music education space. The classroom and its adjoining practice rooms and storage areas have not been used in the 15 years since the original campus school closed. The school will invest in keyboards and band instruments, secure storage, and recording and production equipment, all of which will support curricula that the music teacher is already well-poised to teach.

Arts Partnerships

Goal One: Abrons Arts Center


Goal One: Teachers will have new tools and strategies to engage learners in diverse, arts-rich ways. Students will have multiple access points in their academic learning and in developing their individual voices and opinions on varied topics.

Goal Two: We want to give students access to a renovated and equipped music room so they have new modes for self-expression and creative risk-taking. It will give students an opportunity to care for and maintain a part of their community.

Four-Year Plan 2015-2019.