classroom music production

Intro to building a Music Recording Booth in the Classroom

Resources to help set up a Music Recording Booth in the classroom as well as an introduction to beginner mixing.

Music Recording Tech List

A list of equipment that can be purchased to build music recording and production capabilities for your classroom. Listed in order of most to least essential and includes suggested guidelines of what to purchase.

Classroom Recording Booth Guide

A list of a few options to think about sorted from least to most expensive for when you are considering the environment for recording vocals or acoustic instruments in a classroom setting. There are two factors that must be considered: sound isolation and absorption.

School Recording Studio: Student Training Program

The information that follows will prepare you with the basic information to run a simple recording session in your school’s recording studio. Topics include the components of the studio set up and how to set up a basic signal flow, and how to record audio and MIDI.

School Recording Studio: Beginner Mixing

What follows is a basic introduction to the important aspects of mixing that will allow students to begin experimenting and learning the tools and a few adaptable lesson ideas that will hopefully introduce and highlight the more interesting aspects of the mixing process.