MMDG Arts Immersion Program

This free program is designed for 13-18 year olds interested in dance, production, and arts administration. Students will delve deeply into each of these fields, gaining valuable experience and exposure in New York City’s performing arts arena. Participants, selected through application, meet weekly with faculty and staff at the Mark Morris Dance Center, Artistic Director Mark Morris, and Dance Group company members.  Each week focuses on the study of modern dance technique as well as a dance elective and developing practical skills in arts administration.  The program culminates in a 3-week summer performance lab that is student-driven, created, and produced, leading to a final performance in the James & Martha Duffy Performance Space at the Mark Morris Dance Center. Students will also have the option to continue their study through myriad opportunities with MMDG and beyond. 

Areas of Focus:

EDUCATION: developing curriculum and syllabi, creating lesson plans, articulation, and directing movement

PRODUCTION & MARKETING: Required personnel for production, performance language & etiquette, lighting/sound design, costume/make-up, scheduling, branding, audience building, digital presence

PERFORMANCE & MOVEMENT GENERATION: composition skills, music, improvisation, collaboration, critique/feedback, field trip to see MMDG perform, student choreography and student driven, inspired, and produced performance

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