Lower East Side Preparatory High School

Lower East Side Preparatory High School


Lower East Side Preparatory High School boasts a safe, supportive, and technology-rich environment that motivates all students to succeed. With a renowned ESL/transitional bilingual program in Spanish and Chinese, and a variety of enrichment, AP, Regents prep, and extended day courses, LESP sends more than 80% of their graduates to college. The transfer school provides structure and support to those who are over-aged and under-accredited, and helps students get a new start, whether from around the world, or around the block.


Rene Anaya, principal- ranaya@schools.nyc.gov

Samantha Pritchard, supervisor- spritchard2@schools.nyc.gov

Heather Scott, ESL teacher- hscott3@schools.nyc.gov

Jackie Lee, ESL teacher- slee62@schools.nyc.gov


Goal One: Incorporate at least one art component into all literacy/English classes, with the primary focus being the English Language Learner curriculumESL 1-8), but at scale it will also include the Yearbook/Archive Class and ELA classes for students not designated as ESL. These arts activities will allow students with a range of learning styles and academic abilities to develop their literacy skills and show what they think and what they know.    


Goal One: Develop push-in residencies with Magic Box Productions in one or two classes per semester, so that students will get repeated exposure to arts-rich project-based literacy learning at multiple points over the course of their time at the school. The school's art teacher will also start to fold into some of the residency work so that she may be an additional and ongoing in-school resource to classroom teachers.


Goal One & Two: Magic Box Productions will conduct all professional learning and workshop residencies.


Goal One: There will be extensive co-planning and PD sessions between guest artists and classroom teachers to ensure that the concepts from the curriculum and the residency are mutually reinforcing, and that the training is turn-keyed effectively to the faculty.

Four-Year Plan will be completed in Spring of 2020.