Chelsea CTE High School

Chelsea CTE High School


Chelsea CTE High School, located in the SoHo section of Manhattan, is committed to educating the leaders of tomorrow in an environment that is safe and supportive. Our graduates are prepared for college, career, and life. To accomplish this, Chelsea offers Advanced Placement courses in US History, Government & Politics, Calculus, Psychology, and Literature & Composition. Our high-quality CTE programs allow students to earn industry-recognized certification in Graphic Arts, C-Tech, A+, and Cisco Systems. In addition, our school’s administration works closely with teachers and students to create classroom environments that are rigorous and engaging. Infused throughout our curriculum is a spirit of collaboration and interdisciplinary learning and the arts.


Kimberly Bradley, principal-

Erin Woodward, performing arts teacher-

Scott Fowler, art teacher-

Four-Year Plan Goals

Goal One: Develop a fine art elective, open to students from all majors, but targeted towards Graphic Design students who require a deeper foundation in studio art skills. The elective will give students an opportunity to develop their portfolio, and therefore become more competitive candidates for college and career. 

Goal Two: Working with long-time arts partner, Epic Theatre Ensemble, Chelsea will expand and enrich its four-year Citizen Artist Sequence. Using arts integration strategies across the core content areas the school will create a stronger foundation for 9th graders, more refined programming for 10th and 11th graders, and culminating in a more community-focused culminating project for 12th graders. 


Goal One: The school will start with a single offering of the elective for students who opt-in, and will focus on drawing schools forinitial portfolio development. In subsequent years, the school will add additional sections to meet anticipated student demand, diversify the mediums and techniques covered in the curriculum, and help students to deepen their portfolio development and self-publication strategies.

Goal Two: Epic Theatre Ensemble will simultaneously work with content area teachers to identify opportunities to deepen the already-existing residencies while also working closely the theatre teacher to develop a new 12th grade advanced class for students wishing to pursue a culminating Citizen Artist project. These 12th graders will embark on an original, community-rooted devised theatre piece. The content area teachers will be working under Epic's guidance to identify strategies for including new interdisciplinary strands into existing Epic Theatre residencies in the school, thereby continuing to strengthen the school-wide culture around developing young Citizen Artists.

Arts Partnerships

Goal Two: Epic Theatre Ensemble will be the lead partner in this work.

Sustainability Plan

Goal One: The Graphic Design teacher will take the lead in documenting the new curricula and refining the lesson plans so that the course may continue to be taught into the future. And by integrating the new course into the existing Graphic Design major and its insititutional partnerships, the new course will be folded into the existing culture and structures supporting the visual arts in the school.

Goal Two: The ongoing teacher PD will allow the content area teachers to own more of the residency work. The new 12th grade advanced theatre course will be worked into the theatre teacher's existing course load, and the new curriculum will be well-documented so that it can continue into the future.

Four-Year Plan will be completed in Spring of 2020.